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Scott Longert: Baseball Author and Historian

Read Scott's books about the
Cleveland Indians
And How Their Teams Were Built
Welcome to the website of author Scott H. Longert. 

Scott's first book Addie Joss: King of the Pitchers was published in 1999. It is the biography of one of the greatest pitchers in the history of professional baseball. The book details the short life of Addie Joss as he rises to the major league and enjoys a brief, astonishing career with the Indians before contracting tubercular meningitis and passing away at the age of 31.
Scott's second book, The Best They Could Be: The Cleveland Indians 1916-1920, was published by Potomac Books in April of 2013. It is the story of a baseball team that overcame great adversity to win a World Series in 1920. You can read all about baseball and how it was when teams traveled by train and ballplayers needed off season jobs.

 Scott's new book, No Money, No Beer, No Pennants was published in September. The book traces the progress of the Cleveland Indians in the Great Depression years from 1927-1936. It was a time for change when radio came into play along with a huge new stadium in Cleveland despite the fact most fans did not have the money to buy a ticket. Prohibition ended and beer flowed freely in Major League parks.  Just Click on the cover image to purchase!

Scott is happy to announce the revised edition of Addie Joss: King of the Pitchers is available for purchase. You can buy a copy online at Amazon books. Just go to: www.amazon.com/Scott-Longert/e/B00BJ7V2FK 

Addie Joss Revealed, an excellent documentary, can be seen on Sports Time Ohio throughout the month of May. Narrated by Matt Underwood and features several current Cleveland Indians including Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer. (May 10)

Scott has just about completed his extended book tour. He has made over forty stops and met a great number of Indians fans. Thanks to the people from all over Ohio that came to the library talks, book fairs and festivals. Scott says there is nothing more enjoyable than talking baseball! (May 30)

The Ongoing Road Tour:
July 15 -West Side Flea Market 9-3
August 5 - Lake County Captains game 6:00. All three books available at Scott's table.
September 9 - Chardon Book Fair - 1-3

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